10 benefits of the esports tournament (part 2)

Author: sophia.aker

Last week, we revealed the first five benefits of taking part in the DSH esports tournament. However, it doesn't stop there. Read on for part 2, exploring a further host of reasons why your school or college should sign up to partake in the esports tournament! 

6. Improving attendance at school

Our teachers have directly reported that the esports tournament has improved student attendance. Anecdotes from both students and teachers indicate that participating in the tournament makes students more engaged at school. 

7. Improves important soft skills such as communication, team work, public speaking, leadership

Our aim is to show students that esports is not just about playing games, but that by taking part they learn skills that are vital for personal development. Students might not even realise that while they’re having a great time playing and orgainsing the tournament in their school or college, they are also practicing soft skills such as team work, communication, public speaking, and leadership. In particular, students improved their communication (74%) and team working (80%) skills.  Players have to communicate and strategise to win; shoutcasters grow ever confident as they practice public speaking live on twitch; and event managers learn to organise teams and manage their time to maximise their efforts.

8. It's inclusive – regardless of age, physical abilities or gender

The great thing about esports is that it is open to everyone. The tournament allows for students with different abilities and skills to get involved, not only as players, but in behind-the scenes roles. We had students of all abilities, ages, and genders take part in the tournament, and even those who did not play games regularly were engaged in the competitive spirit!  

9. Engaging students that wouldn’t normally be involved in extracurricular activities

Esports also really caters for the students that feel disenfranchised from traditional team sports. One Lead Teacher recounted how her students "were ecstatic that finally the school was providing something that fit their interests, and that they were able to excel in". The tournament is therefore an excellent chance for a student who might not engage in traditional extracurricular activities, to try something new that really caters to their interests. 

10. Helping to increase student's confidence

Our teachers confirm that after taking part in our esports tournament, they have seen some of their shyest and least confident students come out of their shell.  One teacher recounted that through “working with professionals and being treated as an equal throughout the event gave [their student] the self-belief and confidence moving forwards”. Confidence is vital as students prepare to make important decisions about further education, and seeing their passions come to life in the esports tournament has even led some of our participating students to consider games related courses at university. 

That wraps up our 10 benefits of the esports tournament! We want to shout about these amazing benefits so that more students can experience careers education first-hand, and be immersed in the amazing opportunities that can come from taking part.  

Don't miss out on registration, which opens on 4 September.

In the meantime, you can sign an expression of interest to be a part of the 2020 tournament here.  

All stats and anecdotes included refer to our landmark report, Esports: Engaging Education