One Minute Mentor: introducing our new careers resource featuring Ubisoft, SEGA and more...

Author: sophia.aker

We’re thrilled to finally reveal One Minute Mentor, our new careers resource which aims to inspire pupils with the breadth of roles available in the creative digital sector through punchy, digestible videos hosted on our YouTube channel.

Discover our One Minute Mentor careers resource here! 


This resource features a library of one minute videos made by professionals within the sector to educate aspiring pupils on careers pathways they might not otherwise consider.

Here's how you can get involved

Students & teachers

Teachers can use the One Minute Mentor library as a resource to inform students about the possible career paths in the video games and wider creative digital industries. With over 15 professionals sharing their wisdom and advice in just 1 minute, explore our growing library here.


We’re looking for content that will inspire and engage young people who want to get involved in the creative digital industries. If you work in the video games, screen, or the wider creative industries, we want to hear from you! Download the full brief here

Why One Minute Mentor? There are a vast range of job opportunities available in this industry and it can often be heard said that “whatever your passion, there’s a job for you within the video games industry”. And it’s true; from game designers, to artists, to marketing experts, legal executives, producers and technical prouction.

Regardless of the range of roles, the video games industry is facing increasing shortages with incoming talent. Students aren’t coming through the education pipeline equipped with the skills that are needed. Additionally, there are simply not enough students choosing to purse this sector as a possible career. The same is also true for most of the creative digital industries and most STEM related sectors suffer from similar issues.

We want to make careers education as accessible as possible, and show young people that whatever their passion, there is a role for them in this industry.

Our bank of videos feature a broad range of roles, proving that you don’t have to be a game dev or programmer to find your perfect fit. The pro’s share what their day-to-day roles are, why they were inspired to get involved in the industry, and give a word of advice for future talent.

Whether you're a student looking for inspiration for the future, a teacher wanting to broaden your pupils' horizons, or an industry professional looking to support grassroots careers education, One Minute Mentor is here to connect you. 

Check out some of our bitesize One Mintute Mentor videos below, or discover many more on our YouTube channel!

Careers in video games: game play programmer (Charles, Ubisoft) - One Minute Mentor

Charles, game play programmer at Ubisoft 

Careers in video games: paralegal (Alicia, ESL) - One Minute Mentor

 Alicia, paralegal at ESL

Careers in video games: publishing director (Rob, Playload Studios) - One Minute Mentor

Rob, publishing director at Payload Studios 

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