98% of visiting school pupils feeling more confident in computing after being involved in a Digital Schoolhouse workshop

Author: Laura.Martin

Our brand new impact report is out and we're incredibly proud of the wholistic benefits to pupils, teachers and schools that the programme demonstrates.

Read our full impact report here.

We're on track to reach 32,000 pupils this academic year. Underpinned by rigorous academic research and solid teaching pedagogy, the programme continues to go from strength to strength, seeing a 46.3% rise in female participation since 2018, whilst nearly 90% of students on the programme said it increased their interest in pursuing a career in the video games industry.

Not only is the programme meeting its objectives through encouraging students to engage with the Computing curriculum - with 98% of visiting school pupils feeling more confident in computing after being involved in a Digital Schoolhouse workshop – it is also harnessing the power of competitive play to develop young people’s careers aspirations.

The Digital Schoolhouse Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Team Battle has found that that over 80% of students taking part are more likely to participate in other team sports, in addition to significantly improving pupils’ confidence, teamwork and communications skills, a recent study shows.

The benefits of the programme extend far beyond the classroom, with 74% of lead teachers agreed that DSH has had a positive impact on the school’s profile in the local community and just under half believe that the programme has positively impacted the school’s profile nationwide. 

Programme director, Shahneila Saeed commented:

“Through nurturing our ongoing connections with the video games industry, we can continue to unlock the creative potential of every child - providing them with the skills they need to thrive”.

Find out more about the programme: digitalschoolhouse.org.uk

Read our full impact report here.

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