Elle Osili-Wood joins Estelle in DSH live workshop finale with BAFTA - 21 July

Author: Laura Martin, Comms & Programme Manager

It’s been over 100 days since lockdown began and so far we have delivered over 21 live workshops to 577 households across the globe (and that's just our workshops alone!), but before we sign off for the Summer holidays, we have one very special workshop that you’re invited to be part of...

Eco Gamer is the latest in our live workshop series and in this green-themed finale, Estelle will be joined by special guest TV presenter, podcaster and journalist Elle Osili-Wood. Suitable for ages 7 through to 16 years, Elle and Estelle will guide your learners through a full length Computer Science lesson. Parents and carers are welcome to join in or sit back (relax!) and supervise nearby.

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Lisa Prime, children and young people manager at BAFTA said "Sustainability is something we’re increasingly talking about with younger audiences through our BAFTA Kids programme, and this workshop will certainly help to engage learners with this discussion and get them thinking! I’m excited to see how our audience enjoys this combination of learning, which includes participation in a live workshop and simple at-home activities. I look forward to working together again". Lisa added that "Eco Gamers has been a great first collaboration with Digital Schoolhouse."

Shahneila Saeed director of Digital Schoolhouse emphasises the need for us to take responsibility now: "The impact of Climate Change is a key issue affecting all of us today, and more so our children. Being more sustainable is a responsibility of every organisation. It is up to us to try our best to improve our practices wherever and however we can. So, we are thrilled to be working with BAFTA on our new ECO GAMER resource. Eco Gamer builds upon the amazing work already begun by SEGA and looks at how games businesses can be more sustainable through packaging. We hope that our students' social media campaigns can encourage more organisations to reconsider just how sustainable they are."

Eco Gamer @ 11am - 12pm | Tuesday 21 July

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What's the workshop about?

Eco Gamer has been developed by Digital Schoolhouse in partnership with BAFTA. Following the success of Football Manager 2020’s environmentally friendly packaging, SEGA would like you to design your very own social media campaign that will raise awareness of how packaging can be designed to be more planet friendly. Are you ready to play for the planet?

How do I take part?

This workshop will be streamed via Twitch. You can simply click here to access our Twitch channel. Alternatively, you will be sent further details of how to take part nearer the time of the event.

What do you need to take part?
What will you learn about?
  • Brand identity
  • Carbon footprint
  • Considerations needed when designing environmentally friendly packaging
  • Audience and purpose when designing a social media campaign
  • How to create a social media campaign for a specific platform

Any questions? Please get in touch at dsh@ukie.org.uk mail

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