Diary of a Lead Teacher: updates!

Author: Jo Hodge, Lead Teacher

Hi everyone. Well what a difficult few months it has been but at last there is light is at the end of the tunnel! With schools open we will be able to deliver workshops put on hold such as Get with the Algorithm and Funky Maths - so watch this space!

After my last blog, I attended a Digital Schoolhouse Ingenuity day which they hold regularly for DSH Lead teachers. They are always great fun and keep you informed of what’s happening in the DSH community. It was great to hear that there could possibly be a Junior Esports competition on the horizon as I know many young gamers would love to be involved, especially some of Year class! At these meetings we also play current technical games and this time was no exception. For the first time, I played Among us. It was such fun but eventually I did get kicked out of the airlock sadly! Been trying to think how I could use it in my daily class catch-ups but not quite figured it out yet! Definitely think it is a good way for children to work collaboratively and creatively.

I also was invited to attend a Ukie Edu Member group meeting where there were participants from Further Education, Industry and Charity organisations involved with promoting and supporting technology within an educational setting. It was amazing and inspiring to hear the passion around making technology accessible for all, especially in these challenging times with Remote Learning. I am sure we have all noticed a huge chasm between households in terms of technology so it was fantastic to hear that there are companies and charities out there wanting to support pupils all the way through their learning journey. Hopefully, I will be able to attend the next one as a real eye-opener!

Well this is me for this blog and apologies that it is only a short one - hoping to have exciting workshop news in the next one. Good luck everyone for next week and the term ahead.


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