Diary of a Lead Teacher: springing back to workshops and feeling confident

Author: Jo Hodge, Lead Teacher

It finally feels like Spring is truly here, as not only are the flowers opening up but so is the country, with Lockdown (at last) slowly coming to an end. Some may say that Remote Learning has hampered learning, which it has in some ways, however it has brought with it some positives. Children are more digital literate and are learning to use online platforms for a wide range of purposes. Teachers are now experts at delivering and recording lessons and using video conferencing technology. Which leads me nicely into my first workshop of this year…

Without the teacher confidence of remote learning, the workshop I delivered this week would not have happened. It has allowed me to be able to deliver wherever and whenever to suit the needs of the school, class and teacher. Do not get me wrong - there are always challenges (in this case the Internet connection!) But despite this, we managed as a team - remote delivery will not work without the Primary teacher being on board - to soldier on and teach the children about the joys of Scratch 3.

Without the teacher confidence of remote learning, the workshop I delivered this week would not have happened. 

I have found that workshops have had to be adapted to fit in with the class timetable and I have limited them to no more than 1.5 hours otherwise you get screen bog-eyed! Also, you need to make each session bespoke but based around the creative and fun philosophy of Digital Schoolhouse. For example, this class wanted to do the Funky Maths Calculator workshop, however, they had never really used Scratch 3 so it would have been a mistake to dive right in! Therefore, this has been split into three 1-hour sessions, with the final session being making the calculator.

So, if you are reading this and thinking about booking a workshop with us, be assured that we will tailor it to your needs and fit in with your curriculum wherever possible.

It was absolutely brilliant to be delivering again and to such an enthusiastic bunch of children and staff. Thanks to all at the school for allowing me to join you! They did some incredible sprite animations using random colours and even practised recording their own voice too – lots of noisy meowing! Apologies to the teacher but it was great fun! Excited is an understatement - I cannot wait for next week where they will be creating some mathematical art.

Currently, our school is also taking part in a top-secret pilot project which I know from what I have delivered so far, will be the next best thing that Digital Schoolhouse are involved in! Watch this space if you want to know more and there will be pictures – yes indeed!

Have a super half term and speak soon!

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