Diary of a Lead Teacher: why you should apply to be a Digital Schoolhouse!

Author: Jo Hodge, Lead Teacher

With just a month left to apply for the Digital Schoolhouse programme, I thought I would dedicate my blog this month to why it is worth becoming a Digital Schoolhouse. You might be a school considering becoming one and thinking about what’s in it for me? I can quite honestly say - a whole lot!


We are in our second year of being a schoolhouse and it has been brilliant so far. Every term there are regular CPD sessions for Lead teachers keeping them abreast of current trends in the gaming industry. It has certainly opened my eyes to new games such as Among Us and the wonderful new Discovery Tour developed from Assassins Creed. All of these games can be used across the curriculum in a variety of subjects such as History and English: motivating and inspiring children to learn.

Being partnered with Ukie, provides DSH access to the gaming industry, so the esports side of Digital schoolhouse is superb for Secondary partners introducing their pupils to the world of competitive gaming. This year, they have also launched a primary version that allows children to understand and explore the key roles within the industry as well as play competitively using games such as Super Mario Cart. I would highly recommend all Primary schools register for this as my Year 6 classes loved it and learnt so much! One of my boys even said he would consider becoming a Tournament Admin!

Alongside the excellent CPD sessions, you are provided with a raft of fantastic planned workshops which cover a range of computing concepts - to be delivered in a fun and creative way. All of these can be adapted for KS1 or 2. For example, I have used Just Dance with the Algorithm with year 2 to reinforce algorithms and debugging and then with Year 6 looking at sequence and repetition. The possibilities are truly endless and you are allowed as a Lead teacher to make these bespoke to whatever schools you deliver workshops to. All they ask is that you let them know how it went so they can continue to develop and fund this wonderful, free educational programme! You even get a bursary to support you and your school with workshop delivery.

Lastly, I cannot talk about being a DSH without mentioning the key staff who put it all together for us - you know who you are! Everyone is so supportive and they are constantly in touch with you to offer help whenever you need it. Regular meetings are led by the staff which allow you to meet fellow schoolhouses and share ideas. These offer invaluable insights into how to run your schoolhouse and ideas for delivering workshops. Nothing is ever too much for them and they have been my rock, particularly this year with my fractured ankle and operation! Thank you!

All in all, I hope that I have made you consider becoming a Digital Schoolhouse. Honestly, you will regret it if you do not apply…so what are you waiting for? Apply to start your DSH journey now!