Electronic Arts partners with Digital Schoolhouse to equip next generation of talent with STEAM skills

Author: Laura Martin, Comms and Programme Manager

Electronic Arts Collaborates with Digital Schoolhouse and EVERFI to Reach 150 Schools in the UK

Electronic Arts (EA) has today announced two new partnerships to help bridge the gap between education and industry, through teaming up with Digital Schoolhouse (DSH) and expanding their partnership with education technology company EVERFI.

The partnerships will target 150 primary and secondary-schools across the UK and aim to improve engagement with computer science while inspiring the next generation to pursue a career in STEAM. 

Through its new partnership with Digital Schoolhouse, EA will launch a creative “Computing workshop” for teachers. Primary school students at the 52 Schoolhouses within DSH’s network will work with video game Knockout City, which is developed by Velan Studios as part of the EA Originals programme, to explore what it takes to teach an AI to play dodgeball.

Lead teacher Jon Samuel delivering workshop
Lead teacher Jon Samuel delivering workshop

Part-Baked Games: Knockout City Edition

The interactive workshops use online and offline play-based activities to break down complex game mechanics into simple instructions. By the end of the session, each primary school student will be able to use their experiences playing dodgeball to plan and create their own algorithms and put them to the test in-game.

Additionally, building on its already-established partnership with EVERFI, EA is bringing its cloud-based education course EA Play to Learn to the UK.

Commenting on the partnerships, Chris Bruzzo, Chief Experience Officer of Electronic Arts, said:

“We are truly excited to be announcing our partnerships with Digital Schoolhouse and EVERFI. We believe young people of all backgrounds should be given the opportunity to develop the skills they need for a future in STEAM and are proud to play our part in making that a reality. We’ve had a presence in the UK for over 30 years and these partnerships are the next step of our firm commitment to invest in and inspire the next generation of talent in the UK. We look forward to seeing what we achieve together.”

Shahneila Saeed, Programme Director for Digital Schoolhouse and Head of Education for Ukie, added:

"Electronic Arts’ support for the Digital Schoolhouse programme is a big boost to our efforts to bring Computing to life through the power of play, equipping pupils with the skills and creativity needed to thrive in the modern economy. Their support will help us reach more schools, support more teachers and help pupils connect with the industry that they love in their local areas, bringing benefits to their communities in the process."

Lead teacher and Digital Schoolhouse's curriculum content developer Estelle Ashman with students
Lead teacher and Digital Schoolhouse's curriculum content developer Estelle Ashman with students
Students playing dodgeball
Students playing dodgeball