How to teach artificial intelligence and programming with video games in our new Knockout City™ masterclass

Author: Estelle Ashman | Curriculum Content Developer

Artificial Intelligence is all around us: in how banks make decisions about whether to give you that mortgage, in the algorithms that are used to make suggestions on music you may be interested in on your favourite streaming service, and very soon in making decisions about how your car will manoeuvre. There's no doubt that AI is a huge ethical minefield that can be confusing for students, so how do we teach this in a way that resonates with students and their interests.

I have the answer.

AI in video games is a good starting point for demonstrating how simple artificial intelligence can be programmed and I'm running a workshop on just that - how to teach artificial intelligence and programming with video games.

Designed to be suitable for a range of ages, my latest masterclass will teach you how to adapt the workshop resources to focus on the concept of AI being an algorithm.

For Primary learners (KS1, KS2), we will use unplugged activities based on teaching a 'human AI' to play dodgeball for primary learners.

For Secondary learners (KS3), we will explore how you can introduce students to coding an AI that can play dodgeball. As the coding in the workshop makes use of Construct 3 these resources can even form an introduction to using the game engine for students on the OCR iMedia course.

In this exclusive masterclass, I'm offering you access to resources normally reserved for schools within its lead teacher programme. 

If you're interested in attending, find out more about the Part-Baked Games: Knockout City™ Masterclass with Digital Schoolhouse.

A little bit about me...

Estelle Ashman, Curriculum Content Developer

As Digital Schoolhouse's Curriculum Content Developer, Estelle is responsible for the creation and curation of their innovative teaching resources. With over 10 years teaching experience and a Masters in Teaching and Learning, Estelle is an enthusiastic practitioner who has the expertise to take difficult Computer Science concepts and present them in a new and innovative way. She is always ready to come up with something new and exciting and is currently designing resources for incorporating animation techniques into the teaching of programming.

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