Introducing Simon Help, our latest addition to the Digital Schoolhouse team

Author: Simon Help, DSH Tournament Coordinator

Simon Help is on secondment from Belong Gaming Arenas and has joined the DSH team as our Tournament Co-ordinator ahead of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Team Battle 2023. Find out more about Simon below...

Hello and welcome! My name is Simon and I work for Belong Gaming Arenas. I’ve worked for Belong for 6 years now, and this year I’m stepping up to help Digital Schoolhouse as their Tournament Co-ordinator along with my current role. I’m here as the main point of contact for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Team Battle Tournament.

At Belong we have twenty gaming arenas up and down the UK, Craigavon in Northern Ireland, up to Aberdeen in Scotland and all the way down to Portsmouth! We've even taken our Arenas State side! With 6 brand new arenas bringing a place to Watch. Play. Compete. To our American friends.

On the surface it is my job to host players and welcome them into our Arena, get them booked in, provide some snacks, and sit them down for an awesome gaming session on whatever they want to play! We also host parties of all types. We have a blast getting players either competing to see who can be at the top of the leader board to win a trophy or have a nice chilled out session. Even Running nationwide arena clash tournaments, Were if I was to get a little big headed and tell you all I helped my very own Bradford Rams team take home the winning trophy for Tekken 7.

We also provide tailored sessions for players with Autism in a quieter area of the arena, with lower lighting to help reduce sensory overload and for those who are in care.  

The job we do tends to have massive rewards not only for myself but for our players. The best part for me is the social side. Hosting quizzes, doing publisher activities and seasonal events. Getting to know your regular customers, learning who they are, what they like, how they play. Everyone is different and everyone has different needs! At the end of the day gaming whether for fun or competitive is inclusive and everyone is welcome and that means everyone!

On with the show! I hope you’re all ready for the Tournament, practice and teamwork is everything. Getting used to your comrades and how you play together is absolutely the key... even if you aren’t the strongest individually! We have some exciting things in store for you all and we’re all going to Smash it! And remember - have fun with it.