Celebrating our senior tournament semi-finalists

Author: Amii Oldham

As we start to wrap up the spring term, the team would like to recognise the incredible efforts of our semi-finalists, who will be battling it out after the holidays to claim the championship title as part of our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Team Battle 2023!

Over the past 6 months, schools across the UK have battled it out through school heats, regional qualifiers and semi-final events and now, it all comes down to this. Four schools, who demonstrated not just skill but incredible teamwork and passion for the game, will be sending their teams forward to compete at BAFTA 195 Piccadilly next month for the trophy.

Who will claim the title and walk away with the (metaphorical) crown. Only time will tell!

Our southern schools compete in the semi-finals at Digital Institute London
Our southern schools compete in the semi-finals at Digital Institute London

Meet the teams

Norton College

Otherwise known as 'Team Thunk 'N' Dunk', the Norton College is made up of Harry, Nathan and Tom. Last year's winners, this team from North Yorkshire have shown no signs of slowing down this year and their sights are firmly set on the prize again this year. Can they be beaten?

  • Who to watch: Ike regularly makes an appearance here and is one to keep an eye on as we head through to the finals
  • Memorable moments:
    Tom: Where I got a three stock against one of the schools previous strongest substitutes.

Langley Grammar School

Sami, Satvik and Ayman make up 'Team Daytona' and proved to be tough competition for all other schools at this year's south semi-final. Having missed out on the grand prize last year, will their skills go rewarded at this year's final?

  • Who to watch: Cloud and Inkling are certainly a power duo for Langley, but will they throw in any curveballs to keep their competitors on their toes?
  • Memorable moments:
    Satvik: I won a game in 30 seconds!

Cheshire College South and West

Iconic in their black and yellow team tshirts, the 'Sandstorm' team are made up of Jack, Jason and Kaydan-Sonny. It was a narrow miss for the top prize at the north semi-final but can one final push take them all the way?

  • Who to watch: Sonic is a firm favourite here, as is Sora, with players using both characters with a very creative (and often nerve-wracking) style of play!
  • Memorable moments:
    Jason: Working as a team, having fun with other people and making new friends.

New College Swindon

The final team to compete, 'NSH Smash' is represented by Omer, Harvey and Kacey. They held their own against Langley through several matches in the semi-final and have earned a well deserved spot in the final line up. But can they earn the trophy?  

  • Who to watch: Pokémon Trainer is a recurring favourite but the self-titled wild card is the adorable yet mighty Isabelle.
  • Memorable moments:
    Harvey: Being told "Have you seen that Ken player? He's really scary" and they were talking about me.

Cheshire College South and West cheering on their team at the north-semi-finals
Cheshire College South and West cheering on their team at the north-semi-finals

We wish each and every one of these schools the best of the luck and can’t wait to experience the drama, excitement and anticipation that the grand final will inevitably bring.

You can watch the grand final live on our Twitch channel from 10:00 on Friday 28th April: 

Game on!