Top 10 benefits of Mobo Game Jam for young game-makers

Author: Laura Martin, Comms & Programme Manager

The Mobo Game Jam is an opportunity for passionate young creators to be part of an international effort to find a creative solution to the water crisis - all through harnessing the power of video games. Game-makers are tasked with producing their very own games prototype and believe me when I say, there is lots to learn and discover!

Here’s our top 10 benefits for young game-makers taking part. They can:

1. Develop vital problem-solving skills 🔍

Game-makers will develop vital Computational Thinking skills throughout the entire process of conceptualising and building their prototype.

2. Tackle a brief that is aligned with the UK Computing curriculum ✅

The Mobo Game Jam brief and submission criteria are in line with the UK Computing curriculum. Educational + fun = winning combo! Plus, there are lots of transferable soft skills to learn too.

3. Develop comprehension and research skills 👩🏿‍🔬

Game-makers will develop comprehension skills and research skills through their interpretation of the brief and the making of their game.

4. Develop digital skills, communication skills and media production skills 📢

Game-makers will develop broader digital skills, communication skills and media production skills through the production and submission of their video entry.

5. Develop computational skills 🖥️

Game-makers will develop computational skills through the creation of their game. This extends to creators who choose to submit a paper prototype. They will develop their skills in presenting game design through pseudocode.

6. Recognise the power of storytelling in game-making 📚

Game-makers learn how to combine the design of a game and story. Watch this video from Rhianne Murphy, Narrative Designer at Sumo Sheffield as she explains all:

7. Develop an understanding of global issues on climate change and water sustainability 🌊

Game-makers learn about the global water crisis, as well as how their ideas can have a positive social impact. Watch this video from Becca Barker Education & Engagement Officer at WaterAid to find out more:

8. Gain insight into careers within the video games industry 🎮

Game-makers have access to a series on Masterclasses from industry professionals. Not only do they talk about their current role in the video games industry, but help creators to explore a number of topics related to making their game or game idea.

9. Develop a strong work ethic and teamworking skills 🗣️

Game-makers have the option to take part as an individual or a team; encouraging them to develop a strong independent work ethic as an individual, or important teamwork and communication skills as a team.

10. Contribute to solving a global issue! 🌍

Climate change is something that is a real issue, happening to us now. It is affecting our entire planet. Not only is this a chance for creators to provide a solution to a serious issue, they’ll also help raise awareness of the importance of clean water in the defence against climate change.

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