Mildenhall College Academy

Mildenhall College Academy is an 11-18 academy serving Mildenhall and the surrounding areas. Computing is a subject that has developed rapidly at the academy over the last few years and joining the Digital Schoolhouse initiative has meant that we are now able to provide greater support to local primary schools.

Postal address

<div class="field__items"><div class="field__item odd"><div class="addressfield-container-inline organisation-block"><span class="organisation-name">Mildenhall College Academy</span></div> <div class="street-block"><div class="thoroughfare">Mildenhall Hub, Sheldrick Way</div></div> <div class="addressfield-container locality-block country-GB"><div class="locality">Mildenhall</div> <div class="postal-code">IP28 7JX</div></div> <span class="country">United Kingdom</span></div></div>01638 714645