Tinderbox Collective

Tinderbox Collective is the first Digital Schoolhouse in Scotland!

We run a range of creative workshops for schools & youth groups, bringing electronics and digital technology together with music and the arts.

From designing computer games to making synthesisers, our workshops teach about topics such as basic circuits, electronics, computer coding and software.

What workshops do we offer?

Games Club workshops: Design computer games with other young people and learn about coding through creative game-design programmes such as Bitsy and Construct 3.

Makerbox: Series of electronic crafty kits for children & young people!

Synth making and Intro to Electronics: Build a basic synthesiser and make incredible sounds using simple circuits and a speaker!

We also offer the following UKIE workshops:

Part-Baked Games

Part-Baked Games Chef’s Edition

Loopy Games: An Iterative Games Design Workshop

Cyber Safe

If you are interested in one of these workshops for your school or youth group, please contact us at lab@tinderboxcollective.org.

Tinderbox Collective

North Edinburgh Arts Centre

15a Pennywell Road

Edinburgh EH4 4TZ