App in a Day: An Apps for Good Taster Workshop

“Apps have been changing the way people communicate, work and play. Traditional businesses, from media to retail, have been seeing their business models disrupted by start-ups that amass millions of users within the space of a few months with minimal marketing budgets.” (Vision Mobile, 2014)

Apps have become an important part of our digital world today and the industry attracts developers and designers from across all age groups, from teenagers to 65+. 

This workshop has been developed in collaboration with Highgate Wood School Digital Schoolhouse and Apps for Good; a school based open source technology movement which aims to develop a generation of problem solvers and digital makers.

The workshop takes the key elements from their 32 week programme and waters it down into a one day taster workshop, suitable for pupils from Key Stage 2 upwards. The day takes pupils through an iterative development model where they begin with an idea and end with a pitch outlining their final prototype. Collaborative working, problem solving, research and communication skills are all encouraged and developed during this innovative workshop.

Fully mapped onto the new computing programmes of study, this workshop will leave your pupils inspired and set on the path to becoming young digital makers.


App in a Day: An Apps for Good Taster Workshop Workshop Pack

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