Beautiful Numbers: Mathematical Art

Workshop Categories: Algorithms & Programming

This workshop draws the link between Mathematics, Art and Computing and has been adapted from the workshop materials produced at Langley Grammar School. We look at the Fibonacci number sequence and the concept of the Golden Ratio and discuss how this has been applied to art and design throughout the ages, as well as being present in nature. Pupils are encouraged to explore the Fibonacci number sequence and how it is constructed. The use of mental maths is encouraged, especially in the morning to generate and test their number sequences as well as identify patterns within a given set of numbers.

Pupils are introduced to algorithms and asked to write out their own algorithm to calculate a Fibonacci number sequence. Before implementing their algorithm pupils are encouraged to dry run/test their code and participate in peer feedback. Once they have used logical reasoning to ensure their algorithm works, pupils will then be able to implement their algorithm.

This workshop makes use of Scratch as the programming environment; however, the skills and concepts delivered here can be implemented within any number of programming languages. One obvious alternative choice would be Python. In fact, for higher ability pupils, it is encouraged that the day is adapted to enable them to move onto Python quickly after testing the logic of their algorithm within Scratch. 

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