Crazy Mazes

What makes a maze crazy? This workshop will inspire pupils to rise to the challenge to discover the answer for themselves. Developed at the Townley Grammar Digital Schoolhouse, this workshop provides pupils with an excellent foundation for programming and development. Pupils begin the day by working through the facts related to computers and using these as a starting point for discussion. This then moves pupils on to a brief discussion related to computing careers, particularly computer programmers, which is used as an entry point to discuss algorithms. Pupils develop their own algorithms for a range of scenarios, representing them in different ways. Unplugged activities are used to introduce the concepts of iteration and selection as well as encouraging pupils to predict the outcome of their program.

This workshop makes use of Scratch as the programming environment; however, the skills and concepts delivered here can be implemented within any number of programming languages. While the teacher provides the pupils with ideas for a maze game, they are given the flexibility to choose their own sprites and even their own problems to make the game their own. Although, the pupils will be expected to create costumes, use selection, loops, variables and broadcasting in their game.

Pupils will undertake a wide range of evaluation activities, including using peer assessment to provide critical feedback to aid game development. The second half of the day sees pupils using the iterative development model to modify and finalise their own Crazy Maze game. 

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Crazy Mazes Workshop Pack

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Crazy Mazes

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