Let's Doodle: What will you create?

This is a computing lesson with a difference. This cross-curricular workshop developed with 3Doodler involves no programming, but covers every strand of the Computational Thinking Framework and allows pupils to accelerate and work towards Key Stage 3 strands in the Programmes of Study. The new Design & Technology Programmes of Study are also partially covered at both Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3.

Pupils begin the day by constructing simple models with Playdough before manipulating them to cover decomposition and algorithmic thinking in the Computational Thinking Framework. Pupils quickly move onto developing their skills with the 3Doodler and begin by creating 2D models using stencils. Once pupils are comfortable with the use of the pen, they then move onto freehand and putting together 3D models both with and without the use of pre-developed stencils.

There is flexibility in how this workshop can be delivered, according to the nature and ability of the group of pupils. The second half of the day sees pupils developing their own ideas, carrying out algorithmic thinking by designing, testing and evaluating their own stencils before making an object that they have designed. Pupils then evaluate the success of their work before identifying patterns and using generalisation to adapt their stencil and models to create ‘similar but different’ creations that they can then take home at the end of the day.

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Let's Doodle: What will you create? Workshop Pack

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3D Sketch with 3Doodler (convertible car).mp4
3D Sketch with 3Doodler (Paper Clips).mp4
Getting started with 3Doodler (the3Doodler.com).mp4
Lets Doodle 2019.zip

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