Cyber Safe

The ‘Cyber Safe’ workshop was developed by Estelle Ashman at the Gildredge House School Digital Schoolhouse to incorporate unplugged activities into the teaching of e-safety and introduce the iDEA Award badges.

The workshop begins with creating ‘digital footprints’ containing the logos of the internet services used by the pupils. It then introduces the iDEA program and the badges they will be completing. Pupils then complete their first badge, ‘safe online’, which introduces setting a safe password, responding to trolls and spotting phishing emails.  

Next, pupils are encouraged to think about what else might make up their digital footprint and take part in an interactive quiz to demonstrate how safety savvy they are in terms of the information they share. They are then introduced to the idea of location tagging. If resources allow, pupils will then investigate how iPads tag the location of photos taken around their school and consider the importance of privacy settings. They then complete the ‘e-safety’ badge to demonstrate their understanding.

The next badge is introduced with a DSH version of the popular game Guess Who in order to illustrate that people may not be what they seem online. They then complete the ‘social media set-up’ badge to find out about the different social media sites available to them and how each one works.

The final section of the workshop looks at what respect is and who pupils can go to if they are worried about something that happens online – pupils then make ‘helping hands’ to remind them who they have identified as people they could talk to. This then leads into the final badge ‘social media ethics’ which allows pupils to further investigate how to behave ethically on social media.

There is also a recommended extension badge for pupils to find out more about digital ethics.


Cyber Safe Workshop Pack

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Cyber Safe

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