Digital Footprint

The ‘Digital Footprint’ project was developed by the Digital Schoolhouse and V. Allen from Millais School to introduce pupils to the concept that their online activity leaves in effect a ‘digital footprint’ that can be used to identify them.

The workshop encourages pupils to see that what they do in the digital world is translatable to their activities in the physical world. Although they may feel it’s ok to do something online it may not be. Entering the world of digital ethics, the workshop introduces students to the idea of copyright and copyright law and tackles media piracy.

Pupils will look at what makes a good digital citizen and how this relates to what is expected from a good UK citizen. What makes a positive footprint? Who will look at this? Why is it important to them?

The workshop ends with pupils using the information they have gathered during the day to create digital footprint wall display to take back into their own schools. The workshop builds in flexibility for this activity to be carried out using digital software packages, or using art materials. Teachers can easily use this workshop to connect their computing lesson with art, PSHE/Citizenship and for older students it may also be used as a topic of focus for their English lessons.


Digital Footprint Workshop Pack

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Digital Footprint

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