Let's Play Code Kingdoms

Workshop Categories: Algorithms & Programming

The orginal Code Kingdoms game reffered to in this pack is no longer active, however all principles used throughout this unit can be applied to other graphics-based learning environments. The Code Kingdoms developer is still active and can be used via:

  1. Micro:bit
  2. Code Kingdoms Minecraft & Roblox

This workshop has been produced in collaboration with Code Kingdoms and aims to deliver computational thinking and computing concepts through the Code Kingdoms game environment. 

The day begins by pupils delving straight into the game to familiarise themselves with the environment. They then spend some time decomposing key aspects of the game before looking at algorithms and sequences in more detail through the use of magic tricks (Joker in the Pack by CS4FN).

Pupils then spend a large portion of the day planning and designing their own game level. Each pupil is encouraged to plan and develop their own algorithms to make their game work. Peer support and challenge is used to help pupils develop their levels further and to include increasingly complex programming concepts. Through using the ability to share their levels pupils are able to carry out a self and peer evaluation of their work. 

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Let's Play Code Kingdoms Workshop Pack

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