Part-Baked Games: Chef's edition

Workshop Categories: Algorithms & Programming

Part-Baked Games: Chef’s edition has been developed in partnership with Outright Games and introduces students to the concept of prototyping; both on paper and digitally. Learners begin by creating a paper prototype for their own version of Gigantosaurus and then a digital prototype based on these ideas.

Students can use the recipe cards included in the resource pack for this workshop to aid them in building their games. They then compare this prototype to the released title and choose one feature to add to their own game. Students then modify their game.

The final stage of the workshop introduces learners to play testing and students thoroughly test their game, acting on any failed tests to fix errors. Part-Baked Games: Chef’s edition is intended as a follow on workshop from Part- Baked Games as it builds on skills students have learnt in this workshop. However, the workshop is suitable for students with any experience of using Construct 3 and the resource pack includes a basic guide that can be used to introduce new students to using the software.

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