Starlink: Battle for Atlas

Workshop Categories: Algorithms & Programming

This resource was originally developed by Magic Makers which is a Paris-based coding school developing creative programming workshop for kids. Since 2014, they have introduced more than 10, 000 children to the basics of coding, with the ultimate objective of contributing to the development of creative programming in France. In preparation of the launch of Starlink: Battle for Atlas on October 16 2018, Ubisoft and Magic Makers collaborated to create a dedicated coding program based on the universe of the game. 

Digital Schoolhouse has further developed these resources adding unplugged activities and versions of the tutorials to allow the use of Scratch, Construct 3 or Unity to develop the Starlink game. The workshop is embedded in our educational philosophy and framework and includes the use of recommended strategies for teaching programming skills. This workshop begins by demonstrating each of the 3 programming constructs using party games and then moves into demonstrating them within each of the programming languages / platforms available. 

While the curriculum material within this workshop is suitable for all ages, please be aware that the video game used in this context is rated PEGI 7 - suitable for ages 7+ only. Should you choose to use this workshop with a younger audience, we advise you to use a different game that carries a PEGI 3 rating. For more information about PEGI ratings please visit AskAboutGames or the Video Standards Council Rating Board.

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