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Taken from the material originally developed at Langley Grammar School, this workshop combines mental maths skills with computing and algorithmic thinking. The day begins by encouraging pupils to think about about algorithms and introduces this concept through magic. Early on pupils are encouraged to decompose existing puzzles and tricks to identify the algorithm behind them as well as extend their learning to develop their own puzzles and magic tricks. Pupils then move onto the concept of variables and random numbers using unplugged activities before the quiz is introduced.Pupils develop their plans for the quiz by initially examining an existing game. Through discussion and play they decompose the game to identify key elements within it. An existing flowchart is used to compare against set criteria and identify the missing elements. Pupils are then encouraged to extend their flowcharts to illustrate how their planned modifications to the quiz would work.Pupils develop their programming skills along with their quiz. Once they believe they’ve finished, group work is used to encourage dry run testing and debugging. Peer feedback and support is used to help pupils develop their programs further, correct them and modify them. Communication skills are encouraged throughout the day and especially at the end when the groups have to feedback the results of their activity to the rest of the class.This workshop and its resources are based in Scratch. However, the workshop could easily be delivered in an alternative programming environment such as Python.


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Maths Quiz

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