Eco Gamer: A parent’s guide to computing at home

Author: Estelle Ashman, Curriculum Content Developer

Did you know that over 75% of video game packaging is made of plastic? Also, very little of the packaging is currently made from recycled materials and it is also difficult to find places that will recycle the packaging once you have finished with it. In 2019 SEGA developed revolutionary new packaging for Football Manager 2020 that was 100% recycled and 100% recyclable.

In this unplugged activity you will be using SEGA’s packaging template to plan and design your own packaging for Planet Simulator, a fictional game that teaches its players all about how different activities effect the environment.

This activity is perfect for ages 7 -16 years.

Download the activity resources using the link below, carefully read the Game Design Document and then design your packaging for Planet Simulator.

Find all the resources and worksheets here!

If you would like to print the net template, details of how to do this are included in the worksheet.

If you enjoyed this activity, you can take part in our live workshop looking at how to plan a social media campaign to promote the use of more environmentally packaging - sign up for free here!

In this workshop you will learn how SEGA created their environmentally friendly packaging and use this information to plan your own advertising campaign.

·        To begin, we will learn about brand identity and design one for your own version of Planet Simulator

·        Next, we will learn about the different social media platforms and what audiences they appeal most to, using this information to identify the best platforms for telling people about your missing to make game packaging more sustainable

·        Finally, we will design posts for each of your chosen platforms to promote the adoption of eco-friendly packaging and advertise your version of Planet Simulator!

I hope your little learners enjoy Eco Gamer please do get in touch with me at if you have any comments or feedback on the workshop and don't forget to check out all our past workshops, here.

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