Just Dance with the Algorithm: A parent’s guide to computing at home

Author: Estelle Ashman, curriculum content developer

Following on from last week’s workshop, Big Data, this week’s workshop in our computing at home teaching series is Just Dance with the Algorithm, a workshop that will introduce your children to the wonderful world of Algorithms.

An Algorithm is a set of step-by-step instructions that can be followed in order to carry out a task.

This workshop is perfect for ages 5 -14 years.

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Part 1 of the workshop will introduce the concept of algorithms and how these can be used to plan a dance routine.

  1. To begin, we will design 3 dance sequences and name them to learn about functions (named sequences of instructions)
  2. We will then learn about the three building blocks of programming: sequence, selection and iteration
  3. Finally, we will test our dance algorithm to make sure it fits with the music and make any changes necessary

Part 2 of the workshop will teach your child how to convert the dance algorithm created in part one into a fully digitised version using Construct 3!

  1. To begin, we will learn how to import assets (these are all the things you will be using in your game i.e. images, sound etc.)
  2. Next, we will learn how to create an animation using a sequence of images
  3. Finally, we will learn how to create functions by naming our sequences of instructions and about calling a function by deciding when each function should be run

I hope your little learners enjoy Just Dance with the Algorithm please do get in touch with me at estelle@ukie.org.uk if you have any comments or feedback on the workshop and don't forget to check out all our past workshops, here.

Find all the resources and worksheets here!