Welcome to Yiren Ye, our new Events Intern

Author: Yiren Ye

Yiren Ye is our new Events Intern, who will be joining the DSH team on a fixed term contract until summer 2023. Yiren brings extensive knowledge, experience and passion for the gaming industry. You can learn more about Yiren below.

It’s my pleasure to be the very first event intern at Ukie! I grew up in Beijing, China, spent the last eight years completing high school and undergraduate studies in Canada, and now I’m here working at Ukie in London – commencing the 3rd chapter of the main questline in this game called ‘Life”.  

I have always been a huge gamer, but growing up in the highly academic focused environment in China and within a traditional Chinese family, gaming was strictly prohibited and despised. I feared to be caught gaming by my parents to a paranoic level. So, for a period of time in middle school, I used to seal my PSPGO in a plastic bag and bury it under a bush in our neighbourhood before going home, and taking it out next morning to school to play a bit of Persona 3 Portable during lunch break. 

But my passion towards video games have never ceased, especially after gaining inspirations and encouragements constantly from video games. I have done various different projects to explore the potentials of video games including writing doujin novels, making playthrough videos with oral English to Chinese translations, commentating in fighting game tournaments, conducting game related academic researches, and also making my own little indie game called ‘The Knight has Nothing’ with friends.  

And those explorations have led me to this internship at Ukie. I’m looking forward to learning as much as possible and keeping exploring the possibilities of this amazing creative industry. But at the same time, I hope my experience, persistence and enthusiasm towards games can inspire the young talents to overcome self-doubts and continue pursuing their dream careers in gaming.  

As for my dream, I wish one day I can bring more authentic Chinese cultural elements to more video games!