Jazzy Jigsaws

Subjects: Art DT
Key Stages: KS2 KS3

Everybody remembers solving jigsaw puzzles. For a long time they have been accepted as a great tool for problem solving and logical reasoning. This activity developed in collaboration with Code Kingdoms takes this well loved game further by building in opportunities to develop Computational Thinking skills. How? Well, most people who solve jigsaw puzzles have some form of a strategy that they use to approach the puzzle. Thought about more specifically this strategy can be thought of as an example of algorithmic thinking. Decomposition is an effective way to help us solve problems, and we often use this when solving jigsaw puzzles by focusing on a specific group of pieces first. We may choose to group a particular number of pieces by their colour, shapes or proposed location in the final image. With carefully designed activities learners are able to develop all aspects of Computational Thinking. The Teaching Guidance document outlines examples of each strand specifically. Most artwork will work for this activity, so you can easily create your own using the templates below.Suitable for all ages, this activity will help develop strategic thinking and collaborative thinking skills within learners. So, become a master Jigsaw solver and try the Jazzy Jigsaw activity. 

Important Update: New jigsaw puzzles now available for Super Mario Maker 2 and Team Sonic Racing