Schoolhouse of the month: Woking High School

Author: Sophia Aker, programme coordinator

We are lucky to work with some of the most creative and ingenious teachers you can find. Here, you'll discover the amazing work that our Schoolhouse do. Each month we'll be featuring one of our Schoolhouses, so you can learn more about this amazing community of schools and colleges.

Our next schoolhouse is Woking High! Based in Guildford, Woking has been on the programme for a long time and Lead Teacher Ahmed has a wealth of experience under his belt as a teacher on the programme

1) How long have you been a DSH?

I have been with Digital Schoolhouse for four years now.

2) What video game/ game are you currently enjoying and why?

Personally, my absolute favourite game is the Assassins Creed series, especially Assassins Creed Origins. Since the start of the pandemic, I went back to the first game Aca, and I have been going through one by one, and now I am on AC III. I don’t move to a new game until I have finished every single challenge first.

AC by Ubisoft is an amazing game, full of history and historic events, which something I enjoy to experience and feel that I am part of that history. I love the story line and how I can be in control of the game outcome, without having limitation or specific route to follow similar to other games.

Also, AC series has stunning soundtracks; which I listen to even when I am not playing; written and composed by very talented musicians and composer such as Sarah Schachner.

3. What do you love about being a teacher?

I love working with young people and engage their curiosity. The look on their faces when the have solved a puzzle, or managed to solve a problem or run a program, it is a priceless moment. I have always been interested in problem solving and logical thinking when it comes to working a solution. I enjoy teaching Computer Science and Computational Thinking, and getting students to use understand how our subject is applicable to their common everyday life scenarios.

Knowing that I can make a difference in one child life, and put them on the right track towards a successful life, as a reward that makes every day and every lesson worth teaching and working with young people.  

4) Favourite light-bulb or creative moment as a teacher?

The use of food in computing! I found that teaching reprices and food techniques with cross reference to Computational Thinking is a win/win scenario. I love to cook and make and explore new recipes, and when I talk and introduce my students to various computational thinking concepts through food, they can relate to that, and understand it from their point of view, as food and eating is an every day exercise, that we do without thinking about it.

Another light-bulb, is when we introduced esport at our school by working with Digital Schoolhouse team and co-working with Ubisoft. I have realised the importance and huge positive impact that computer and video games have on students outcome and level of engagements, not just for computer science, but across the school curriculum. I discovered new creative ideas and talents that students have, but never been explored. I have seen how certain students behaviour has improved because they finally been positively challenged in a way that works for them.

5) What have you enjoyed the most as a teacher so far this year?

The preparation for esport has been great, getting back to “normal” and having students back into the computer rooms, planning the event, designing promotional materials and setting up the devices for the game. Being able to promote the events to students and offering a part in the competition as players as well as taking part in the management team. I missed the buzz of having students cheering for their teams and peers. We were even able to run staff esport evening, and it is now becoming a part of end of each term culture, to have staff playing video games and having fun at work.