How to Raise a Tech Genius: New book out now!

Author: Laura Martin, Comms & Programme Manager

How to Raise a Tech Genius by director of Digital Schoolhouse, Shahneila Saeed is out now!

This book has been published at a perfect time as we continue to adjust to working at home and in some instances, home schooling. Not to mention, the Summer holidays are just around the corner or already upon us (for our Schoolhouses in Northern Ireland). Either way, this is a perfect boredom-buster for the whole family to participate in.

What’s it all about?

How to Raise a Tech Genius is a practical book that makes computing accessible for parents, carers and families. But how exactly does it make computing less scary and more fun for everyone?

  • You can be a complete novice - the book assumes no prior knowledge or understanding of computing 
  • You can learn with your children - it enables parents to learn skills and concepts alongside their children, so you don’t have to know it all first  
  • You can still have a busy schedule - activities are a snappy 15 minutes long  
  • You can shop in your own home - activities use everyday household objects such as beads, envelopes and even chocolate! Any unfamiliarity is ousted with these non-techy but perfectly capable teaching resources  
  • You can leave your computer switched off - no tech is needed!  

How do we know these activities work?

Activities within this book have been developed by real life teachers and are fully mapped to the computing curriculum taught in schools.

Play-based learning has been at the core of Digital Schoolhouse’s teaching pedagogy for years! The programme has a bunch of evidence-based research that play-based learning - using guided exploration - engages and inspires children successfully, without the use of technology. The bonus here is that children understand core concepts without being bound to a specific iteration of software or hardware.

You can share your experience with How to Raise a Tech Genius using the hashtag #ComputingAtHome.

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