Superheroes Unite! Creative writing challenge for children

Author: Sophia Aker, programme coordinator

Today is national superhero day! And what better occasion to present our new team of Digital Superheroes... for solving digital disasters! 

Enter our Creative Writing Competition here!

Superheroes Unite is a fun creative writing exercise that taps into Content’s imaginations. These six friends are new additions to the Digital Schoolhouse team and they will be helping us to solve digital problems for future activities. First though, we need to build their superhero profile.  

Children are invited to develop a full profile for each character and use that to develop their superhero backstories. There are multiple ways that this activity can be delivered, with each child either working completely independently or together, with the characters divided between them. the guidance will discuss some of the ways that Content can work their way through this, that can be adapted by both parents and teachers.  

The Digital Schoolhouse team are running a creative writing competition, where we invite you to submit your character profiles and stories. The best ones will be published on our website!

If you’d like to submit your details please fill in your details here and send a wetransfer with your documents to

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