Superheroes Unite! Creative writing competition for children now open with industry judges Gabrielle Kent & Andy Hall

Author: Sophia Aker, programme coordinator

Your child can now take part in the Digital Schoolhouse Superheroes Unite! Creative writing competition & learn how a love of creative writing can shape your career in the video games industry.

We’re proud to introduce six new characters to the Digital Schoolhouse family – meet the Creator, Team Player, Explorer, Storyteller, Leader & Problem Solver!

It’s no secret that creativity is at the heart of our ethos at Digital Schoolhouse, so as you can imagine we were thrilled at the arrival of new colourful characters to represent Computing and careers. This is also the perfect opportunity to involve young learners who are bursting full of ideas to let their imaginations run wild.

That’s why we’re encouraging children to put their creative minds to the task of building superhero profiles for our six friends so they can begin to solve digital disasters!

How to take part

Download the full activity pack on our website here to submit your entry. This competition is open to all learners aged 7-14 years.

The competition ends at 4pm, Thursday 20 August.

Creative writing in the video games industry

Not only does the Superheroes Unite! competition encourage learners to develop key English literature and language skills. Creative writing is also a vital and valuable skill in the video games industry. Storytelling and narrative is at the heart of any great game, and the ability to use one’s imagination to create concepts and stories that are original, out of the box, and resonate with different audiences, is so often key to the success of a game.  

Superheroes Unite! judge Andy Hall is a principal writer at Creative Assembly and his role is an example of how valuable creative writing is in the video games industry. Writing has shaped Andy’s career. From being an editor of Fanatic Magazine, to working on White Dwarf, and at present using his literary flair as a lead writer on Warhammer Quest, Vermintide and the Total War: Warhammer trilogy.

The love and skill of storytelling and narrative design is key, especially in the creative digital industries.  

Does your child love writing, or need a creative outlet during their Summer Holiday? Enter the Superheroes Unite! Competition now!

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