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Building an understanding of what different careers involve is an important step in choosing your own career path. Careers within the creative industry vary hugely and are often misunderstood, therefore it is important that students have opportunities to not only learn about different careers but experience them for themselves. 

The workshops that fall under this category allow students to find out more about the diverse careers within the creative industries and in many cases experience them for themselves.

Loopy Games: An Iterative Games Design Workshop

Loopy Games aims to help pupils design and create their own game using methodology that reflects the processes followed in the UK Games Industry. Developed in consultation and collaboration with Kuato Studios and the Video Games Ambassadors, this workshop brings industry expertise into the classroom.

Pitch Perfect

This workshop teaches students about designing and then presenting a publisher pitch. This workshop can be delivered as a follow up to any of our game design workshops, with a pre-written game brief or with students creating their own game concept using the BAFTA idea generator.

Ultimate Games Careers Lesson Pack

The Ultimate Games Careers Lesson Pack is the definitive videogames careers resource for schools. Developed in collaboration with Into Games, this comprehensive guide is bursting with expertise and insightful information for aspiring games professionals!