Starlink: Battle for Atlas: A parent’s guide to computing at home

Author: Estelle Ashman, curriculum content developer

Following on from last week’s workshop, App in a Day this week’s workshop in our computing at home teaching series is Starlink: Battle for Atlas, a workshop that will teach your children how to design and create a space shooter style arcade game.

This workshop is perfect for ages 7 -14 years.

Find all the resources and worksheets here!  

Part 1 of the workshop will introduce the three building blocks of programming constructs: sequence, selection and iteration.

·        To begin, learners will mind-map ideas for their own version of Starlink

·        Following this we will then learn about how different constructs are used in programming and how we can use these to plan a computer game

Part 2 of the workshop will teach your child how to take the plan for their Starlink game and create their own version using Scratch.

·        To begin, we will learn how to add assets to Scratch (assets are all the images, animations and sound that will be included in the completed version of the game)

·        Next, we will learn how to program the ship so it can be controlled by the keyboard

·        Finally, we will add further programming that will allow the ship and meteor to interact with each other – allowing the ship to shoot at and destroy the meteor

I hope your little learners enjoy Starlink: Battle for Atlas please do get in touch with me at you have any comments or feedback on the workshop and don't forget to check out all our past workshops, here.

Find all the resources and worksheets here! 

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